This information is for aspiring Blog Artists

- people who want to make art and money

I like to call what I do being a ‘Blog Artist’

I am an artist and my blog is my art. That means that I take exactly the same care in blogging that a painter takes with their paintings.

Some paintings take months to develop. Some paintings get 99% done but for whatever reason don’t satisfy the artist. They sit in the studio ignored for years. Some paintings burn. Some come back to life like phoenixes.

But the thrust is still the same.

Always be making art.

Blogging the Victor Pride way is a very specific type of business.

It’s a business where the product is limited, capricious, and un-sellable.

It’s a business where the product is you.

From the desk of  Victor Pride

Subject: All Killer, No Filler


What I did was write down nearly everything I know about blogging. Then I took those notes, meticulously went over them and re-worded them in the best way I could.

The goal was to help anyone who read it understand how, why and what it takes to create a world class blog that makes the magic word – money.

When I finished writing it I sent it to my book editor who made it look extra fancy with his fancy computer programs.

The result is Spartan Entrepreneur: Blog Artist.

A quick peek inside of Blog Artist

The Blog Artist's Handbook covers a lot of territory without being overwhelming. Information is presented in a clear, easy to read, motivational format.

Here's a brief overview of things covered in the book:


Getting Started

Learn how to choose a domain name for your blog and how to select a hosting plan.


Design Matters

Learn how to choose a theme that has a timeless style.


content creation

Learn how to create content that people will want to read.


writing is a process

Learn practical tips to improve your writing.


revise, revise, revise!

When you think your writing is acceptable, revise some more to shape your work into a piece of art.


without traffic you have nothing

Viral Traffic? It's great if you can get it. Instead of wasting your time with "if only..." learn how to build solid, reliable traffic.


maintaining your blog

Keep things running smoothly by staying on top of updates, security and running roughshod on trolls.


making money

Learn how to monetize your blog without turning it into a gaudy advertising billboard.

What people are saying about Blog Artist

Great content. It was organized really well, had lots of actionable info, and didn’t have any extraneous bullshit. Nice work.

- Kris

I read it yesterday and must say this has to be some of your best work yet. It's pure gold. I thought I knew a lot about becoming a Blog Artist but I was wrong. I appreciate you including the dry technical stuff as well. I didn’t know much about security and many other resources that are in the book. I’ll have to go back into it and re-read and apply much of the info.

- Scott

This is a great resource. I’m on my second read-through now. I’m very early on in trying to set up my empire, and this is really going to help me get through the next steps as I try to build an audience. URLs have been a particular difficulty for me so far, so the tip about Impossibility is absolutely priceless. I’ve read half a dozen books about branding, writing, etc. and these 59 pages are the most valuable words I’ve read so far. Thanks for all your work on Bold & Determined and on these resources.

- Jonathan

Most blogging “experts” leave me feeling uneasy and anxious after reading their work. They always make it seem like the only path to success is to be an internet social butterfly and to spend your days aggressively pushing digital snake oil, concepts that are incredibly off-putting to me. Aside from the obvious benefit of the technical info you’ve provided, your work never fails to clear up any doubts that manage to creep into my head. I can really relate to your anti-scumbag business sense. And best of all, it’s the most effective method in the long run. I especially like the part that compares selling ad space to having someone pay you pennies for the privilege of taking a dump on your painting, haha. Reading that only strengthens my resolve to never mar my blog with ads, unless they’re for my own products.

- Nathan

You streamlined a very tedious research process. I love the no bullshit approach. Very easy to read. I see why you’re successful. You provide tremendous value.You give people hope, hope they can have what you have. Then you make the the tools available to them. I’m in a learning phase and am currently reading everything I can. (Book recommendations welcomed) This has helped me. I am appreciative. See you at the top. Until then… Wish me ‘hard work’ 

- Brandon

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