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BADNET is a free service for people that want to start a blog but are starting from square one. You pay for hosting and BADNET goes to work installing and optimizing WordPress so you are ready to make your first post. They even provide a Quick-Start Guide to acquaint you with WordPress and walk you through your first post as well as 3 blog reports that cover different aspects of operating a blog such as writing tips, monetization, and tools of the trade. If you want to start making money online having a blog is the first step. Head over to BADNET and take that step!

Bold & Determined website
Bold & Determined

BOLD&DETERMINED is a self-improvement website for men with articles on physical fitness, bodybuilding, increasing income, getting rich, mental focus, clarity, becoming better, total domination, winning and grinning.

Iron & Tweed website
Iron & Tweed

Iron & Tweed is the newest addition to the Superdrive Publishing family. Nate writes about a variety of topics related to men's fitness and fashion. 

John Doe Bodybuilding website
John Doe Bodybuilding

John Doe has built his bodybuilding site with one target audience in mind - the average, working, family-oriented man that wants to achieve an enviable physique. He refers to as "Bodybuilding for the everyman." Whether you are interested in natural training or PEDs, John Doe has a wealth of information on his website for you. website is the personal website of Victor Pride, author of 30 Days of Discipline and Body of a Spartan and proprietor of If you are more interested in Victor's travels, thoughts, and guest posts from other bloggers then is an excellent supplement to B&D.